Download Frank Kern – Legacy Collection 50GB (sold for $53.7k) [Mediafire & Mega Links]

Download Frank Kern – Legacy Collection 50GB (sold for $53.7k) [Mediafire & Mega Links]

As a way to celebrate 16 consecutive years serving the Internet Marketing community and my children’s interest in what we all do, I’m making you the most generous (and insane) offer in the history of Internet Marketing. When you accept this offer, you’re getting 96% off of my life’s work – the very same collection of products that have sold for a combined total of more than $53,797.

Total File Size: 49.5 GB

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But when you accept this offer, your investment is just a tiny fraction of that. Here’s what’s included:


1. Project OTF – Operation Total Freedom  (Sold For $10,000.00) Download Link (3 GB)
2. Mass Control 2.0 (Sold for $1997.00) Download Link (4.3 GB)
3. Advanced Consulting Class Download Link (3.6 GB)
4. Millionaire Marketing Formulas (Sold for $10,000.00) Download Link (4 GB)
5. Magic Model (Sold for $10,000.00) Download Link (2.9 GB)
6. Ultimate Webinar Blueprint (Currently sells for $1,528.00) Download Link (1 GB)
7. Mass Conversion (Sold for $1,904.00) Download Link (10.3 GB)
8. List Control (Sold for $1997) Download Link (2.6 GB)
9. Video Black Box (Sells for $194) Download Link (1 GB)
10. Survey Siphon (Sells For $68) Download Link (900 MB)
1. Mass Control 2-0 Hard Rock 2008 Download Link (3.9 GB)
2. Mass Control 2-0 Hard Rock 2009 Download Link (4.8 GB)
3. Mass Control Monthly Complete Download Link (2.5 GB)
4. Mass Control Promos Download Link (2 GB)
5. Helipad Download Link (540 MB)
6. Core Influence Download Link (302 MB)
7. Business Card Download Link (10 MB)
8. Additional Footage Download Link (462 MB)


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