Download Luis Congdon 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System [3.45 GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Luis Congdon 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System [3.45 GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Luis Congdon 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System

If you want to become a respected leader in your niche–as fast as humanly possible–then this letter will show you how others (including myself) are doing it and how you can too.
But first, I want to tell you a quick story about a buddy of mine named Mark.

Mark was just like you
– Mark is a fitness consultant, and like any consultant or coach, his main job is to market himself so he can get more clients to serve.
– Mark worked his way through the trenches at local gyms and was even going to people’s homes to help them get in shape and lose weight.
– The dude was committed to his passion, but he had no idea how to make a difference on a larger scale.
– When he was given a chance to buy a small fitness center in town, he jumped at the shot.
– It was a huge investment – almost everything he had.

But he was excited—and admittedly, a little worried he wouldn’t get enough clients to pay the overhead.

So, he did what most people would do: He told his friends and family, started making Facebook posts, created a Facebook page, hopped on Linkedin, Twitter, and even purchased a few ads on Facebook (they failed miserably, hundreds of dollars down the drain)

After a few months of telling everyone he knew about his business, posting like crazy on every social media site and wasting money on ads… one thing was becoming very obvious:
Growing his business was tougher than he’d expected.
– He was working his tail off day in and day out trying to wrangle in clients.
– He was losing sleep and working long hours.
– He was starting to fear the worst
– He hit rock bottom when he imagined telling his family and friends that he had failed at owning a gym. He imagined their responses and wondered if perhaps he should ask them for a loan as a last ditch effort.

Then, he got some advice he never heard before and certainly never expected.

The advice ran contrary to everything he had ever heard about promoting a business and making sales; yet it was so obvious what he had to do – the answer was in front of his face this entire time…
– He quit worrying about Facebook ads.
– He stopped dinking around with Twitter and Linkedin (he never really used them anyway)
– He gave up “bribing people” with free coaching sessions.

Mark was done with all that, and things were about to change for him.

Who gave him the advice?

It was me.

Mark shifted his focus and began to use the system I’ve created and named: “The 2-Minute Social Media Celebrity” –  a system to become the most respected, high paid authority in your niche in just 2 minutes a day

He followed the system word for word, step by step.
A few times, he was tempted to rush through the program and jump to the good stuff—but he resisted.

He applied everything he learned over the course of a few weeks.
Then something pretty incredible happened

At first, it was just a few phone calls a day and a few emails here and there; but then, within a short time…he was so busy responding to so many messages on Facebook that he had to hire a few new trainers to come work for him!

– He was becoming the talk of the town!
– He wasn’t just getting noticed…
– No matter how busy he got, no matter how tired he felt, no matter what distractions popped up to take him off course…

He put in at least 2 calculated minutes everyday on social media.
He went from a hometown celebrity to a worldwide fitness coach and online trainer
Since then, he has launched 17 of his own digital products and he has opened 28 gyms across the country.

His tribe of followers is in the millions and most of his videos and posts reach viral levels every day.

Mark isn’t the only one using this 2 minute strategy either.


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