Download Amazon Ecomm Elite – Todd Snively & Chris Keef [31GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Amazon Ecomm Elite – Todd Snively & Chris Keef [31GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Amazon Ecomm Elite – Todd Snively & Chris Keef [31GB Mega Drive Link]

Part 1 – Welcome
01 Ecommerce – Past, Present & Future
01a Commerce 101 – How it Was
01b Amazon 101 – How it is now
01c $1,000 or less to Invest in This Business

02 Mindset LaunchPad – Get Your Mind Right
02b Part 1 – Focus – Think Action, Not Just Positive
02c Part 2 – Focus – Think Action, Not Just Positive
02d Introduction
02e Roadblock of Perfection
02f Roadblock of Environment
02g Roadblock of Overwhelmed
02h Wasting Time
02i Quit Dreaming
02j Making it Fun
02k Self Accountable

03 Seller Central Introduction
03b Amazon – Overview
03a Overview – The Three Faces of Selling on Amazon
03a Overview – The Three Faces of Selling on Amazon
03c Overview – Amazon Seller Account
03d Setting up Your Seller Central Account

Part 2 – E90x – The Buy Box
01 Let’s Get Started
01 Where to Start

02 Amazon FBA Program
02 FBA-Quick-Start-Guide
02 Overview of Amazon FBA Program – Part One
02 Overview of Amazon FBA Program – Part Two

03 Let’s Research That Product
03 Using Amazon to do Research to Find Products 2
03 Using Amazon to do Research to Find Products 3
03 Using Amazon to do Research to Find Products 1 – Distributor Products Strategy

04 Let’s Choose That Product
04 Product Selection – Part 1
04 Product Selection – Part 2
04 Product Selection – Part 3

05 Unsexy Products
05 Unsexy Products 1
05 Unsexy Products 2
05 Unsexy Products 3
05 Unsexy Products 4 – How to Bundle

06 Let’s Find Some Products
06a Why you should (re)consider sourcing from The U.S
06b Todd Shows Finding Distribution of Pet Products
06c Todd Looks for More Distributors
06d Overview – Finding Suppliers
06e Talking to a Fishing Tackle Supplier

07 Using Distributor Files & UPC Tool
07 Using Data Files & UPC Tool 1
07 Using Data Files & UPC Tool 2

08 Let’s Sell Some Products – Amazon Listings
08a Let’s Discuss The Amazon Product Page
08b How to Add Your Listing to a Current Amazon Page
08c Create a compelling Amazon Product Page
08d The Ungating Process

Part 3 – 02 Private Label
01 Steps to Success in Private Label

02 Private Label – The Beginning of Your Empire
02a Introduction
02b High Level Criteria
02c Spit Balling – Brain Storming

03 Let’s Research and Pick that PL Product
03a What NOT to do when creating private label product
03b Staying Out of Trouble – Patents and Trademarks
03c Research – JungleScout and MerchantWords
03d What if – Manage the Downside
03e Narrow the focus
03f Researching Existing Products in the Marketplace

04 Let’s Source that PL Product
04a Sourcing – Part 1
04b Sourcing – Part 2
04c Sourcing – Part 3
04d Sourcing products with Import Genius Part 1
04e Sourcing products with Import Genius Part 2
04f Using – A how-to guide
04g Using Alibaba for Sourcing Your First Product
04h Importing From China

05 Success with Suppliers
05a What title to use when talking with U.S. suppliers
05b Steps to Success – Suppliers
05c Steps to Success – Suppliers – Glossary of Terms
05d Contacting your suppliers
05e Communicating with suppliers

06 Let’s Order & Make My Private Label
06a Ordering Samples Of Potential Products
06b Creating Your Brand Logo and Packaging
06c Choosing Your Product and Brand Names
06d Don’t Fall in Love – It’s Just a Product Silly
06e Packaging and Product Inserts
06f Product Inserts
06g Manage Your Risk

07 Research Examples
07a Real World Example – Rolling Pin
07b Moscow Mule Mug Example
07c The Unicorn

08 Let’s Sell our PL Products – Amazon Listinng
08b Create a compelling PL Amazon Product Page
08a Let’s Discuss The PL Amazon Product Page
08c The Ungating Process Also Applies To PL

09 Let’s Launch That Product
09a Launch – Part 1
09a Launch – Part 1
09c 3-2-1 Launch
09d Pre-Launch Checklist
09e Reviews (Launch and ongoing)
09f Reviews – Part 2
09g Amazon Vine and Amazon LaunchPad

10 Let’s Optimize Your Listing
10a Tweak your Amazon listing – a How-To guide
10b How to save a failing product

Part 4 – 03 Dropshipping
01 Overview of Dropshipping
01 Dropshipping – Why Bother

02 Solving the Problems in Dropshipping
02a You Need to Know What The Problems Are
02b Solving Problem 1 – Who to Buy From
02c Solving Problem 2 – How to Scale 1
02d Solving Problem 2 – How to Scale 2
02e Solving Problem 2 – How to Scale 3
02f Solving Problem 3 – How to Stay on Inventory

03 Repricing Software
03 The Truth About Repricing Software

Part 5 – 04 Marketing
01 Facebook Marketing 2.0
01a Introduction to Facebook
01b What is Facebook All About
01c You Should Use FB for Your Business Today
01d How Your Business Can Get the Most Out of FB
01e Facebook Groups
01f Facebook Apps
01g Facebook Events
01h Facebook Ads
01i Facebook Audiences
01j Facebook Pixels
01k Top 10 Facebook Automation Tools
01l Shocking Facebook Case Studies
01m Ten Do’s for Successful FB Marketing
01n Ten Don’ts for Successful FB Marketing
01o Facebook and Affiliate Marketing

02 Instagram Training
02a Intro to Instagram Training
02b What is Instagram All About
02c Why Businesses Should Use Instagram
02d How Do Businesses Use Instagram
02e How to Use Instagram the Right Way
02f Creating Your Instagram Account as a Business
02g Setting Up Your Instagram Business Profile
02h Navigating Through the App
02i Posting Images and Videos on Instagram
02j Finding Instagram Followers for Your Business
02k Top Ten Instagram Marketing Power Tools
02l The Hottest 10 Instagram Marketing Tips
02m Shocking Instagram Businesses’ Case Studies
02n Instagram Marketing Dos and Don’ts

03 Amazon PPC
03c When to use PPC
03e PPC – A more thorough look at data
03f – Setup Your Amazon PPC Campaigns
03g Keywords and Search Terms – Part 1
03h Keywords and Search Terms – Part 2
03a Amazon PPC 101
03b Amazon PPC 102
03d How to Do PPC right

04 Copywriting
04a Is My Attitude Right For Success On Amazon
04b Review The 1 Hour PERFECT Amazon Listing
04c Wait – Reviwing this Book is a Waste of TIme
Part 6 – 05 Resources
More on Seller Central
Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central
The Dreaded Amazon Suspension and What to Do

Outsourcing on Fiverr
01 Intro and how to Use Fiverr
02 Key to Finding Good Fiverr Freelancers
03 How to Find Article Writers and Researchers
04 – Social Bookmarking – Getting it Done on Fiverr
05 – Fiverr to Outsource Social Networking
06 – Backlinking and Avoiding Spammers on Fiverr
07 – Graphic Artists and Video Editors
08 – Turn a Freelancer into a Long Term Assistant
09 – How to Negotiate Cheaper Deals

WordPress Training – Advanced
01 – How to Add Sub or Add-On Domains
02 – Install WP Automatically Using cPanel
03 – How to Install WP Manually Using FTP
04 – How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
05 – How to Create New Blog Posts
06 – How to Create New Pages
07 – How to Insert and Format Images
08 – How To Install Plugins Automatically
09 – Upgrade or Delete Plugins Automatically
10 – Upload and Install Plugins Manually
11 – How to Install WP Themes Automatically
12 – How to Customize Your Theme Menu
13 – Upload and Install Themes Manually
14 – How to Use WP Widgets in The Sidebar
15 – How to Add and Manage Users in WP
16 – Upgrade WP and Themes Automatically
17 – How to Insert Audio or MP3 Files
18 – How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog
19 – How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
20 – Add YouTube Videos to WP Automatically
21 – How to Create Backups for Your WP Blog
22 – Import Content from Blogger to WP
23 – Add Google Analytics to WordPress
24 – How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar
25 – Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post
26 – Add Feedburner to Your WordPress Blog
27 – Install and Use All-In-One SEO Plugin
28 – Install and Use Contact Form Plugin
29 – How to Insert Aweber Form In Sidebar
30 – How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin
WordPress Training – Beginner
1.1 How to install WordPress quickly and easily
1.2 How to set your General Settings
1.3 How to adjust Discussion settings
1.4 How to set Permalinks for your site
1.5 Find and install plugins on your WP site
1.6 Use plugin Better WP Security
1.7 How to strengthen your password
1.8 The difference between a Post and a Page
1.9 How to style your content pages
1.10 How to insert hyperlinks into your content
1.11 How to add images to WordPress
1.12 Add a YouTube video to your content page
1.13 How to modify your sidebar widgets
1.14 How to add new categories
1.15 How to add new links to your blogroll
1.16 How to add new users to your site
1.17 How to find free themes for your WP site
1.18 How to use Menus in WordPress

Part 6 – 06 Webinar & Interviews

Total File Size: 31 GB


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