Download Dan Henry – Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs + Pixel Hero + Bonuses [11 GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Dan Henry – Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs + Pixel Hero + Bonuses [11 GB Mega Drive Link]

Download Dan Henry – Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs + Pixel Hero + Bonuses [11 GB Mega Drive Link]

Module 0 The Nutshell (Week 1)
1. Webinar Replays
2. Will I Succeed
3. The Value Scale
4. Facebook Ads in a Nutshell
5. Example Ad Funnels

Module 1 The Bait (Week 1)
1. The Purpose of BAIT
2. The Definition of Value and Desire
3. Types of BAIT and How To Sell It
4. How to Figure Out What Your BAIT Should Be
5. How To Run A Simple Customer Research Ad
6. How to Create a Great BAIT Headline
7. BAIT Examples
8. How Does BAIT Work If You Are A 
9. The Badass BAIT Checklist
10. How to Create a Simple Cheat Sheet
11. Week 1 Homework

Module 2 The Funnel (Week 2)
1. Intro and How to Choose the Right Funnel for You
2. How to Build a Cheat Sheet Funnel
3. How to Build a Discount Funnel
4. How to Build a Value Video Funnel for Coaching
5. How to Build a Webinar Funnel
6. How to Install Your Pixel
7. How to Create a Custom Conversion
8. Week 2 Homework

Module 3 The Ad (Week 3)
1 Overview
2. How to Choose the Best Ad Type for You
3. Copy and Dialogue Strategy
4. How to Create Ads
5. Retargeting Ad and Copy Strategy
6. Examples of Retargeting Ads
7. How to Create a Custom Retargeting Audience
8. Creating a Retargeting Campaign from Scratch
9. How to Target Your Dream Customer
10. How to Get Even More Ideas For Targeting
11. How to Manage Your Ads with The Split Test Equation
12. How to Scale a Winning Ad
13. How to Organize Your Dashboard to Increase Profits
14. Bonus – Targeting Brainstorm Session
15. Bonus – The Video Retarget Method
16. Bonus – What To Do If You Suck At Copy
17. Week 3 Homework

Module 3 The Ad (Week 3)
1. How to Choose the Right Clients
2. 3 Ways To Get Clients
3. How to Explain Facebook Ads to Clients
4. How to Choose a Funnel for Your Client
6. How To Send Lead Info to your Clients Even if They Don’t Have an Email List

Module 4 Agency (Week 4)
1. How to Triple Your Phone Sales
2. Inside a Million Dollar Campaign
3. Automated Client Acquisition Funnel
4. Cheat Sheets

Bonuses (Week 5)
1. How To Install And Customize Your Pixel In 30 Seconds
2. How To Season Your Facebook Pixel Step By Step
3. How To Retarget And Explode Your Email List With A 5 Minute Pixel Pitch
4. Increase Sales For Real Estate – Coaching – Restaurants
5. How To Get Webinar Registrations For Under $1
7. Pixel Hero Bonus

Bare Bones Basics
1. Adding New Client Account To Your Business Manager
2. How to Install Your Facebook Pixel in WordPress
3. How To Find Your Facebook Ad Account ID
4. How to Add Credit Card Details To Your Facebook Ad Account
5. Requesting Access To A Client’s Ad Account

Recorded Coaching Calls
1. Coaching Call 9-21-2016
2. Coaching Call 10-11-2016

Total File Size: 11 GB


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